Friday, November 13, 2009

Time Out Says Todd is God

And they're right. Bruce gets right to the roots of why we're so excited to have Mr. Edwards in the 'House on Wednesday. Great job on the photo by KG too!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

[007] Return of the King: Todd Edwards

We're pretty sure this is gonna be an awesome Treehouse. Todd Edwards, a sort of secret god of garage house as the originator of the "cut-up," which is now standard issue among producers of every stripe, will be in the 'House.

Todd gets props from dance-music heads in the know, but that's not enough. (Daft Punk, for one, gave him his due via a collaboration on Discovery, "Face to Face," a song that rules.) So we're dragging him all the way from Bloomfield, New Jersey, to put him in the spotlight, where he belongs. He's pretty psyched about the gig, and even put together a special mix (below) just for the occasion.

Treehouse will be taking over the main room of Littlefield for the first time, which can only mean one thing: bring your dancing shoes!

Climb up + get down with us.

Treehouse 007
Wed., Nov. 18, 2009
Special Guest: Todd Edwards
Residents: Raspberry Jones + Treeboy
Gowanus, Brooklyn

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Ghost in the Treehouse!

Treehouse 006 is creeping up on you October 21. We're pretty sure you'll be getting down after climbing up to this month's hang.

Mike Servito and SV4 of the excellent, and now 10-year-old, Ghostly International label will be joining us for the evening, purveying the sort of warm/minimal/deep Detroit-based techno and house that makes your body think fun and your head feel funny. For a taste of their game and where they're coming from, check out this Self-Titled profile and attendant mix. Yum. Here's a killer Servito mix from when he did the Bunker party earlier this year.

Because it's CMJ and we want a nice crowd and hopefully a dancefloor too, we're putting on a more serious party. Which means we're charging $5 just this one time. If you come before 10pm it's still free.

Treehouse 006
Wed., Oct. 21
feat. Ghostly International DJs Mike Servito + SV4
Residents Raspberry Jones + Treeboy
FREE before 10pm; $5 after (Free all night w/CMJ badge)
622 Degraw St. (btw. 3 + 4 Ave.)
Gowanus Brooklyn

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Out the Comfort Zone w/DJ /rupture + Gamall

For the next Treehouse we're climbing up to a new level of getting down, which we hope to sustain through the fall and beyond.

In the Treehouse tradition, for 005 we'll be featuring two friends branching outside their comfort zone. DJ /rupture (ne Jace Clayton) is known for his triple-turntable global riddim incursions, but of late he's been all about cumbia, the Latino street music. So we're indulging him with an all-cumbia set at Treehouse, which will be welcome new music to many ears. Check out the archives of /rupture's WFMU Mudd Up! show, which rules.

Old pal Gamall works music of all kinds, especially house and techno, appreciates sounds from every corner of the globe (he's lived everywhere), and has played with some of the coolest cats you know and love. But he's a Sheffield native, and he's got a special soft spot for Northern Soul, the UK underground '60s black-soul sound. Unfamiliar? G's got Northern Soul in spades, and he'll walk you through a history lesson at Treehouse.

Treeboy and Raspberry Jones hold it down the rest of the time, naturally. Oh, we're starting an hour earlier (8pm) for all those pre- and post-paternal units and those with day jobs.

Wed., Sept. 16: 8pm-2am
Guests: DJ /rupture + Gamall
Residents: Raspberry Jones + Treeboy
Littlefield: 622 Degraw St. (btw. 3+4 Ave.)
Gowanus, Brooklyn
Absolutely Free

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome to Treehouse

The next Treehouse is Wednesday, August 12, at Littlefield, with resident DJs Treeboy + Raspberry Jones, and special guest Ulysses.

Wed., Aug. 12, 2009
Littlefield, 622 Degraw St. (btw. 3+4 Ave.)
Gowanus, Brooklyn
Absolutely FREE

feat. Treeboy (Brooklyn Flea, BK) + Raspberry Jones (Newly Lost Edge, BK)
Special Guest Ulysses (Scatologics, NYC)

Climb up + get down!