Friday, November 13, 2009

Time Out Says Todd is God

And they're right. Bruce gets right to the roots of why we're so excited to have Mr. Edwards in the 'House on Wednesday. Great job on the photo by KG too!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

[007] Return of the King: Todd Edwards

We're pretty sure this is gonna be an awesome Treehouse. Todd Edwards, a sort of secret god of garage house as the originator of the "cut-up," which is now standard issue among producers of every stripe, will be in the 'House.

Todd gets props from dance-music heads in the know, but that's not enough. (Daft Punk, for one, gave him his due via a collaboration on Discovery, "Face to Face," a song that rules.) So we're dragging him all the way from Bloomfield, New Jersey, to put him in the spotlight, where he belongs. He's pretty psyched about the gig, and even put together a special mix (below) just for the occasion.

Treehouse will be taking over the main room of Littlefield for the first time, which can only mean one thing: bring your dancing shoes!

Climb up + get down with us.

Treehouse 007
Wed., Nov. 18, 2009
Special Guest: Todd Edwards
Residents: Raspberry Jones + Treeboy
Gowanus, Brooklyn