Friday, October 1, 2010

Treehouse Salutes Pavement!!!

Tonight, in Las Vegas, Pavement is playing one of the final shows of its 2010 reunion tour, after last week playing four consecutive, already-legendary nights at Central Park's Summerstage. How momentous was this occasion for Treehouse? Well, one of us went all four nights, and the other twice, and our friends and family accompanied us each and every time. (If Treehouse has a community indie-rock band, Pavement is surely it.)

So we wanted to celebrate the moment, and share our admiration for Pavement for all to enjoy. Here's a couple of bits of rare media that we've been carrying in our hearts and souls for - gasp! - 20+ years.

The original single-tracking-shot video for "Debris Slide," from Perfect Sound Forever, quite possibly the greatest 10" ever released.

And...newly "discovered" (thanks Pavement2010 Tumblr) live recording of the band, pre-fame but in full-fledged, flighty, furry power in August of 1990 (quite possibly from Maxwell's).

Pavement - Live at Maxwells (Aug 12, 1990) by herjazz

Photo from Brooklyn Vegan by Dominick Mastrangelo