Saturday, August 21, 2010

"The Record: Contemporary Art & Vinyl" @ the Nasher Museum, Durham, NC

Over the past few years, Treehouse's Piotr Orlov has been assisting long-time friend and collaborator, curator Trevor Schoonmaker, on a museum show about vinyl records. Not the typical "album sleeve art" exhibition, but, in Trevor's words, a show about how "artists use the vinyl record as metaphor, archive, artifact, icon, portrait, or transcendent medium."

The result is The Record: Contemporary Art & Vinyl, featuring the work of artists such Christian Marcalay, Malick Sidibe, Carrie Mae Weems, Jasper Johns, Robin Rhode, Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, Mingering Mike and numerous others, and which opens to the general public at Duke University's Nasher Museum in Durham, North Carolina on September 2nd.

In addition to contributing a central essay to and helping edit the catalog, Orlov will be DJ'ing the museum's special opening night party on Wednesday, August 25th. Orlov's tag-team DJ partner for the evening will be another FOT (Friend of Treehouse), Dave Tompkins, who also contributed an essay to The Record's catalog.

Dave recently published a book entitled How to Wreck a Nice Beach: The Vocoder From World War II to Hip-Hop - The Machine Speaks, which has been garnering fantastic reviews and is a staple on the Treehouse book-shelf. He's also spent the summer making rather insane mixes, like this one, Spine Blowing Decisions Vol. 26, co-piloted by Chairman Mao (check the player/download in top left corner).

Anyway, if you are in-around Durham-Chapel Hill, evening of Wed. 25th, holler at Treehouse, and we'll get you in.

UPDATE: Some photos from the opening night of "The Record: Contemporary Art & Vinyl" at the Nasher.

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